Ormeskred - Sweden

In Sweden 'Skred' means land-slip. 'Skred' is related to the English word 'scree' which retains more of the original meaning - a slope of loose stones and rocks at the foot of a cliff or mountain.

[Picture: Ormeskred - the scree slope where the cliff is crumbling into the sea].

Per-Allan Olsson, of Sweden, has kindly sent in a photograph of Ormeskred and a short history of the area.

The village of Skredsvik was originally named Ormestad, this led to the scree-slope being named Ormeskred, the bay in the inner part of the fjord then became 'Ormeskred's Vik', over the years this was shortened to Skredsvik and the name was applied to the village.


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