Ramsundberget - Södermanland - Sweden

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The 'Ramsund-Bridge' was built in the early 11th century, the text that is carved on it reads:

[Picture: Ramsundberget runic lettering].

Sigrid, Alriks mother, Orms daughter, made this bridge for the soul of her husband Holmgers, father of Sigurd.

[Picture: the carving on the Ramsund Bridge].

The picture carved above the text shows a scene from Norse Mythology. According to the story, Sigurd killed the dragon, Fáfnir, and roasted the dragons heart on a spit. Sigurd touched the heart to see if it was cooked and scalded his finger. He put the finger into his mouth and as soon as he tasted the dragon he understood the speech of his horse and the birds. The birds warned him that Reginn the blacksmith was treacherous and that Reginn was Fáfnir's brother, so Sigurd decapitated him.

Sigurd the dragon-slayer survived the conversion of Norsemen to christianity and became Saint George the patron saint of England, he also appears on the coat-of-arms of Moscow.


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